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1. Name?: Melissa Quiroz

2. Nickname?: Koker, Kok, ko, Mel

3. Birthday?: May 8th

4. Gender?: Female

5. Sexuality?: Straight

6. Height?: 1.67 m

7. Time Zone?: Argentina time

8. What is the time and date there?: 1.11 am, August 30th

9. Average hours of sleep?: 5 hours

10. OTP’s?: Sam/Dean, Stiles/Lydia, Spuffy, Willow/Tara, Willow/Oz, Derek/Stiles, Parrish/Lydia, Eric/Sookie, Eric/Alcide, Eric/Pam……etc.

11. First word to come to mind?: Apple

12. Last thing I said to my family?: bye„ see you tomorrow ma 

13. One place that makes you happy and why?: The Beach or the Cinema with my friends

14. How many blankets do you sleep under?: 4 or 5

15. Favorite beverage?: Apple Juice